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Back to the Future: Mean Reversion


My December 2019 Seeking Alpha article, “Mean Reversion + Valuation = Opportunity” identified underperforming asset classes that were attractively valued and poised to generate above average returns in the future. Here we revisit how those assets have performed since the beginning of 2020. There is strong evidence of a sector rotation underway. Nine of 13 […]

ISCF Captures The Best Opportunity In International Small-Caps in 20 Years

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In “International Small-Cap Equities: Poised to Outperform” I described the upside opportunity due to mean reversion, favorable valuations, the prospects for a declining dollar, and a worldwide economic recovery. The small cap sector is the cheapest since 2000. Historically, this has resulted in an annual return size premium of seven percentage points over subsequent three-year […]

CXSE: The Best China Equity ETF

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In “Why Investors Are Underweight China Equities, But Should Reconsider,” I described why China is the rising power vying to overtake the U.S. on the world stage. The article made the case for investors to consider allocating 10-15% of their equities to China. After reviewing the leading ETFs in this space, the Wisdom Tree China […]

FAANGs Enter the World of FANTAZIAM

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The FAANGs have evolved to FANTAZIAM: Facebook, Alphabet, Netflix, Tesla, Amazon, Zoom, Internet stocks, Apple and Microsoft. This whimsical investment world is aptly described by the classic Disney movie, Fantasia. Insider sales are overwhelming buys among these stocks while the overall market insider buy/sell ratio sits at a 12 year low. Valuations also scream sell […]

Natural Resources Equities: Preparing for Reflation and a Dollar Decline

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These are unreal times. There is substantial risk of reflation and significant dollar devaluation due to recent and anticipated additional fiscal and monetary stimulus. Natural resources equities represent ownership in longstanding, successful businesses that produce real assets that are essential to our life. This article explores key reasons investors might consider natural resources equities as […]