Be Relevant

blueprint_custom_paper_16451Are you relevant? While we are all relevant to our loved ones and to God, in this context we are referring to how relevant you are in the eyes of your employer. The best way to gauge relevance to your employer is to look at the linkage between what you do and your senior leaders’ top goals and concerns. Senior leadership is usually concerned with things like:

  • Organization profitability.
  • Revenue growth.
  • Cost management.
  • Customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Employee productivity.
  • Employee satisfaction and retention.
  • Innovation/new product development.
  • Operational improvement.
  • Organization reputation.
  • Meeting strategic goals.

What are your goals and activities? Do they tie back to any of the things that are really important to your organization’s senior leadership? Are you working on things that support their goals and priorities? If not, you might be irrelevant in their eyes.

If you aren’t working on things that really matter, I suggest you proactively find ways to get involved in new projects or activities that are. How many of the following sound like you:

  1. I am working on a project or activity that directly contributes to an important goal of our senior leadership.
  2. I work with my boss to discuss how I can help him/her achieve their objectives.
  3. My boss and/or other leaders ask for my opinion.
  4. I am an expert at something that is important to my department or work group.
  5. Senior leadership has given me recognition for my contributions.

You can become more relevant and valued by proactively seeking out new projects or responsibilities that really matter to your organization. Work with your boss to move into new roles or assignments. If your boss won’t help you, then maybe it’s time to seek employment elsewhere.

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