Career Transition


In spite of the progress with our labor market in recent years, many people are still unemployed or under-employed. It’s a tough job market. Transitioning is a challenge and requires specialized knowledge and skills. Here are the essentials you need to know to be successful:

Job Search

There are ten methods, but there is one that stands out with an 80% success rate, yet few people use it effectively. Read More

Networking and Contacts

You need to know the right and wrong ways to utilize your relationships. It takes hard work and a knowledge of the right methods, but reading and following this can shorten your job search by weeks or months. Read More

Resume Writing

Learn the essential things, and most importantly how to write a powerful and professional resume that will stand out from the rest. Read More


Learn the essentials of interviewing that will help you secure an offer, including the ten key things to do and the ten things not to do. Read More


Uncover the keys to successful negotiating so that you maximize your offer, utilizing the six secrets of negotiation. Read More

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