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Natural Resources Equities: Preparing for Reflation and a Dollar Decline

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These are unreal times. There is substantial risk of reflation and significant dollar devaluation due to recent and anticipated additional fiscal and monetary stimulus. Natural resources equities represent ownership in longstanding, successful businesses that produce real assets that are essential to our life. This article explores key reasons investors might consider natural resources equities as […]

The Case for Emerging Markets Small Cap Value

Emerging Markets Small Cap Value Equities

Summary Emerging markets (EM) small cap value is an attractive asset class for long-term, value-oriented macro investors. EM equities and particularly EM small cap value, have lagged for the past ten years and are poised for a return to their longer-term strong performance.Investors need to carefully weigh coronavirus, ESG, financial reporting, currency, political and trade […]

Mean Reversion + Valuation = Opportunity

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U.S. equities are near their highest levels in history, based on valuation metrics. This suggests meager returns of 4-5% per year over the next decade.However, based on reversion to the mean and attractive valuations, there are several attractive asset classes.U.S. value, international, emerging markets, natural resources, MLPs and gold present opportunities.These assets have the potential […]

Uncover the Source of Your Negative Alpha

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Identifying the source of “negative alpha” in your investing is just as important as crafting a sound investment strategy and approach. My story of ill-advised market timing illustrates an example of generating negative alpha. It can be difficult to break bad investing habits, even if you have advanced investing knowledge and skill. I recommend performing […]

Is History About to Repeat?

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The saying “history never repeats itself, but it rhymes,” is often attributed to Mark Twain. I recently saw a blog post from the knowledgeable and interesting financial blogger, Doug Short. In his “Market Valuation, Inflation and Treasury Yields: Clues from the Past,” he offers some interesting charts and data. The P/E 10 ratio, which shows […]