Investing Success

Who Can Benefit from this Site?

This site is designed to help those with at least a working knowledge of investing to “do it yourself,” without having to rely on a financial advisor, unless they want to. It will also help intermediate and more advanced investors to improve their investment performance by uncovering faulty concepts and approaches promoted by the media, financial professionals and others.

Investing Topics

The information is sequenced to facilitate learning, but you can jump directly to any page if you want to learn only about that topic.

Investment Basics

Most American investors lack basic financial literacy, according to a report from the SEC. Here you can learn about what determines your investment returns, the major asset classes and where to go for more information. Read More

Investment Returns

This section covers long term historical return data, how time affects returns and a view into future potential returns for U.S. stocks. Read More

Investment Approaches

In this section I explore possible investment approaches you might consider and show you the hard facts on their success (or more commonly, their failures!) Read More

Active vs. Passive Management

One of my core, most important principles of investing is following a passive investment approach. Check this out to learn what that is and why I believe asset allocation is more important than security selection. Read More

The Risk-Return Tradeoff

Every investor faces a trade-off between risk and return. This section shows you the numbers and gives you a starting point to think about your risk tolerance. Read More

Asset Allocation

I utilize a proven investment approach that the average investor doesn’t use, but beats most of the pros over the long run – if you follow it faithfully. It takes a little bit of work to set it up, but requires little cost and expertise. Read More

Selecting Your Assets

Investors are inundated with investment ideas from brokers, media, friends, books and websites. What should you invest in? Read More

Designing Your Portfolio

There are six major factors that influence an investor’s portfolio design and asset allocation decision. This section also provides portfolio examples and specific investment vehicles. Read More

Investment Planning

Do you have an investment plan? The majority of average investors don’t. Learn the basics of planning and how to create one. Read More

Investment Psychology

Even the most advanced professionals with deep knowledge make mistakes that are explained by investment psychology. This section lists the top ten mistakes and other resources to help you master your investment behavior. Read More