Ralph conducts live and virtual presentations for a variety of groups and organizations including:

  • Universities
  • Churches
  • Libraries
  • Clubs
  • Senior center groups
  • Associations
  • Companies

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“Good speaker, spoke clearly and articulate, seemed very knowledgeable.” – Presentation Attendee

Aging Care Connections Presentation: Six Things to Know About Investing During Uncertain Times

This presentation discussed the unprecedented situation in the markets due to the pandemic and what it means for investors.

Ralph recently delivered a zoom session on educating older adults on investing during uncertain times for my organization.  In a follow up survey 94% of the audience agreed or strongly agreed they learned valuable information. Thanks Ralph for sharing your knowledge and passion with Aging Care Connections and helping us demystify a very complex topic. – Renata Vitali, Aging Care Connections

Christ the Servant Church Presentation: Seven Things Everyone Should Know About Investing

This presentation covers essential information for all investors. It is based on Ralph’s more than 35 years and 11,000 hours of experience researching and managing investments and advising his family about their investments.

  • Do you know the two major ways to invest your money? One outperforms the other 90% of the time over the long run. The other one is the method most utilized by the average investor.
  • Do you know the key determinant of your investment returns over the long run?
  • Do you know what one thing you can control to ensure you maximize your investment returns?
  • What should you look for (and avoid) in an investment advisor?
  • Have you considered how much risk you can or should take with your investments? And how to decide?
  • Do you practice the ten good money management habits?

Attendees rated this presentation 4.6 out of 5 in terms of overall effectiveness

“Spoke in simplest terms for everyone to understand and allowed questions for clarifications.”

“Love your giving time to help others”

“Very informative”

Loyola University Presentation: Wealth Building Insights from Millionaires

This presentation addressed these and other important questions, using an interactive and fun learning method:

  • How do successful millionaires become that way?
  • What kinds of cars do they drive? What kind of houses?
  • What do they say were the keys to successful wealth building?
  • What is the biggest thing you should avoid that is destructive to wealth building?

This presentation shares insights obtained from various research sources that revealed the habits and beliefs of hundreds of millionaires across the country.

“I just wanted to Thank You for taking the time to speak to my class. I enjoyed how you made this class interactive using Kahoot. It was enlightening to see the results of what they knew (or rather didn’t know) regarding basic personal finance concepts. Plus using technology (i.e. smart phones) made this fun for the students. I believe you opened their eyes about what they need to learn regarding basic financial concepts.”

– George Senick, Instructor, Loyola University Chicago